How to Stop the Culture of Complaining in Schools: Guest Post by Owen M. Griffith

Wherever we look in our schools, we can find complaining: in classrooms, hallways, offices, and teachers’ lounges. Participating in such talk is easy because there is a lot “wrong” in our schools, but this kind of dialogue is destructive and often spreads quickly.

Why do people complain so much in the first place? An honest answer is that it feels good to complain and blame someone or something else when things are not going our way. Complaining takes the responsibility off of us and, according to researchers, often engenders the comforting response we crave when we fail or are disappointed.

Read Owen’s entire article on U.C. Berkeley’s The Greater Good website.

Also check out Owen’s book, Gratitude: A Way of Teaching, and be sure to read his previous guest post for this blog, Gratitude Can Change your Classroom and your Life.

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