Fads or Foundations?: Class Dismissed Podcast interview

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Nick Ortego for the Class Dismissed Podcast. The subject was my article for Education Week, “Enduring the Educational Pendulum”, and my latest book, Talented Teachers, Empowered Parents, Successful Students! 

Listen to the interview here. (You can fast forward to 21:30 for my twenty-minute interview.)

Educators are tied to a fantastic network of creative people.

Follow a familiar K-12 hashtag on Twitter or Instagram, and you’ll see dozens of new ideas for tweaking your pedagogy.

For a teacher, ​it may be tempting to tackle each new idea. Anything that will give you an edge when trying to connect with your students and maybe even impress your administrator.

Robert Ward has been teaching in the Los Angeles area for over two decades, and his experience has allowed him to watch hundreds of education strategies come and go.

Now, he’s calling for moderation. Ward recently wrote an article titled “Enduring the Educational Pendulum,” and he dialed into the Class Dismissed Podcast to talk more about it.

Ward also just released his latest book, Talented Teachers, Empowered Parents, Successful Students!which focuses on providing educators with creative strategies and professional development activities to transform teacher-parent relationships.

Empowered Parents #1 seller

Read more about Robert’s books for educators and parents here.

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